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Start stopped instances that all have the same name

It’s worth learning the AWS CLI and jq in order to do one-off batch operations to EC2 instances. I needed to start a group of stopped instances that all had the same name. Here’s the one-liner: aws ec2 describe-instances –filters \ Name=tag:Name,Values=”name goes here” | … Continue reading

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Partitioning is hard to do

Configuring Ubuntu preseed files for automatically partitioning is… non-trivial. Especially when you want to boot off  of a large disk. Here’s a gist for those interested. I imagine some lines here are superfluous, but this works. This file contains bidirectional … Continue reading

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Copying the config from a Cisco switch to OSX via TFTP

I wanted to copy the configuration information from a Cisco switch onto my local machine, which runs Mac OS X (Mountain Lion). You can do this via TFTP, since the switch has a TFTP client and OS X comes with … Continue reading

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